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We believe scientists make great entrepreneurs.

Unit DX is a science incubator located in central Bristol, home to the city’s most innovative science companies. By bringing together specialist laboratory facilities with science-focused business support, the incubator has been instrumental in building a new scientific ecosystem in the city.

Established in 2017, Unit DX is now home to over 32 businesses across our lab and office areas, with a focus on biodesign and quantum technologies. The incubator was set up by the founders of another start-up, Ziylo, after identifying that there was no home for science companies in Bristol.

Unit DX is creating a new community by working with local schools to get them interested in science; by championing entrepreneurship at universities; and by directly supporting and housing early-stage science companies.

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Unit DX Offers

  • Start-up and follow-on laboratory space to rent in Bristol

  • Rentable space includes biosafety level 2 (cat 2) lab facilities ranging from 220 – 770 sq ft

  • 24 ducted fume cupboards available on-site

  • Office and write-up areas, private meeting rooms & event spaces

  • Reception services & catering available
  • Kitchen, coffee and breakout areas
  • Access equipment and expertise through our instrumentation link with the Universities of Bristol & Bath

  • Close to Bristol Temple Meads railway station

“The idea for Unit DX was formed when looking for lab space in the Bristol area for our chemistry start-up. When we realised there was nothing suitable, we decided to make a change. Unit DX means that scientific companies in the South-West now have access to the facilities they need.”

Harry Destecroix

Harry Destecroix, CEO at Unit DX and Ziylo

Meet the Team


Dr Ashley Brewer - Centre Director

Ashley joined Unit DX in March 2017 as Centre Director. He is the main point of contact for Unit DX tenants and coordinates the operation of the incubator. Prior to joining the Unit DX team he worked for a number of years at the University of Bath.


Dr Harry Destecroix - CEO

Harry co-founded Unit DX after struggling to find space for his chemistry start-up, Ziylo. He is passionate about lowering the barriers to entry for scientific entrepreneurs.

Keith MacDonald

Keith MacDonald - Chairman

Keith is an experienced chairman with a background in the financial services sector. He plays an active role in shaping the company strategy.


Tom Smart - Finance Director

Tom moved from his Actuarial Career to help set up Ziylo and Unit DX and now sits as Finance Director for both companies.

Emily Team Photo

Emily Clements - Receptionist

Emily studied Criminological Psychology and has a background in customer service. She deals with reception, front of house and administrative duties.


Patrick Fallon - Lead Designer

Patrick led the architectural design of Unit DX. As a graphic designer, he has also helped shape the brand from inception to completion, working across spatial, print and web design.


Adam Finnimore - Head of Marketing

Adam was involved in the concept and delivery of Unit DX. He has a background in marketing and business development, and is the main contact for media enquiries.


Charlie Proctor - Operations Manager

Charlie ensures the smooth running of Unit DX by working closely alongside our tenants, and by organising all meetings and events at the incubator. With a background in teaching, she has also developed a successful outreach programme to encourage and inspire young learners into science.


Mark green - Facilities Assistant

Mark looks after the facilities at Unit DX. He has previously worked in a variety of facilties roles including at the British Antartic Survey research station in the Antarctic.