New Chairman for Vaccine Firm Imophoron

Unit DX members Imophoron today announce the appointment of serial biotech entrepreneur and director Damian Marron as their Chairman, to support the development of the company’s groundbreaking vaccine platform and preclinical COVID-19 candidates. An experienced life science executive, Marron’s achievements include multiple company exits, partnerships and fundraising, including deals with top-tier pharmaceutical companies. “Imophoron’s technology [...]

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Unit DX Juniors newsletter launched to inspire young scientists

This week we are excited to announce the launch of the ‘Unit DX Juniors’ newsletter. A science newsletter, jam packed with activities for school aged learners that aims to bridge the gap between school and home learning. The newsletter brings science learning into everyone’s homes and includes scientific articles, competitions and the opportunity to email [...]

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New vaccine platform used to develop COVID-19 candidates

UK biotech Imophoron has produced multiple COVID-19 vaccine candidates, based on its novel vaccine platform (named the ADDomer©), within weeks of the virus sequence being made available. Pre-clinical trials to begin within weeks The UK start-up is looking for partners to further the development of the COVID-19 candidates and the ADDomer platform Vaccines based on [...]

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Unit DX Coronavirus precautions for members, staff and visitors

This post was updated on the 31st of March 2020. Please check back for any changes to our policy. As per the Government’s instruction, we are asking that all our members work from home where possible, only go to Unit DX if absolutely necessary and practice high levels of hygiene if they are in the [...]

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Charlie Proctor Takes Up COO Role at Unit DX

We are delighted to announce Charlie Proctor’s promotion to Chief Operating Officer at Unit DX. Charlie has been with the team since before the building was opened and was previously our Operations and Outreach Manager. She will lead the implementation of the company’s strategy, expanding on her work on operations, human resources and outreach during [...]

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CytoSeek Appoint CEO

Unit DX member CytoSeek have announced the appointment of Dr Carolyn Porter as Chief Executive Officer, bringing 20 years of biotech leadership experience to the biotech start-up. The discovery-stage startup develop cell therapies to treat solid tumours, which account for over 85% of cancer-related deaths but are currently difficult to treat. Dr Porter said: “Cell [...]

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CytoSeek Raise £1.1 Million for New Cell Therapies to Treat Solid Tumours

Unit DX member CytoSeek has raised £1.1 million in funding to develop next generation cell therapies that could open new ways to treat solid tumours. Presently, treatments for solid tumours, which account for most tumour deaths, are limited by the inability of immune cells to penetrate the tumour microenvironment. CytoSeek’s cell membrane augmentation technology is [...]

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Unit DX Biotech Start-Up Imophoron Publish Groundbreaking Refrigeration-Independent Vaccine Platform

Imophoron are developing a next-generation vaccine platform that could eliminate the requirement for the cold chain, making it easier to transport vaccines to low- and middle-income countries. Today, Science Advances published the results of their collaboration with tech giant Oracle. The open-access paper details the company’s use of synthetic biology, cryogenic electron microscopy, and high-performance [...]

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Bristol’s University Enterprise Zone Gets £1.5M Boost for Biotech

£100m government investment to back rising stars of science and innovative small businesses Research England has awarded £1.5 million to the University of Bristol towards developing a new state-of-the-art life sciences incubator with Unit DX, as part of its University Enterprise Zone [UEZ] programme. The funding is part of nearly £100 million government investment that [...]

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Bristol Open Doors – An Interview with the Designer

Unit DX is giving tours to members of the public on Saturday 14th September as part of the Bristol Open Doors festival, led by Centre Director Ashley Brewer, and Lead Designer Patrick Fallon. Patrick sat down with Henry Stennett to discuss how the building came to be. What makes Unit DX a special building? The way that [...]

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