Unit DX Partners with Corrigan Associates

We have partnered with Corrigan Associates to provide access to accountancy, tax and business support to members of Unit DX. This partnership will allow Unit DX members access to regular workshops and free advice from a trusted partner. Edward Corrigan said “We are delighted to support the Unit DX project and work with the growing [...]

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The 2018 BrisSynBio 4-Day MBA

Last week we hosted the BrisSynBio 4-Day MBA, delivered in partnership with SynbiCITE. The course is in its second year and is designed for budding entrepreneurs, from postgraduates to seasoned academics, who want to start a synthetic biology-rich business in the biotechnology or life sciences sectors. The final day was the BrisSynBio Connect event, this [...]

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Applications Open for the 2018 BrisSynBio 4-day MBA Course at Unit DX

We are looking forward to hosting this year’s 4-day More Business Acumen course. The interactive programme is run by BrisSynBio, a Synthetic Biology Research Centre from the University of Bristol, and is designed to provide the skills required to establish, build and manage a biotech company. The course is delivered in partnership with SynbiCITE and draws [...]

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Unit DX Partner News – Fledgling high-tech start-ups get opportunity to sharpen up skills at #Idea2Pitch event

[Pictured - ‘In The Shadow’ by SETsquared member VIKA Books, a tailor-made gallery, in which users curate their own narrative journey by exploring a labyrinth of digital content. VIKA Books have recently become SETsquared members after taking part in an #Idea2Pitch workshop]. Unit DX partners, SETsquared Bristol to host an afternoon workshop for high-tech startups in [...]

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Schools Day @ Unit DX

Unit DX is a science incubator opening this week in the centre of Bristol, during British Science Week. The renovation of the 15,000 sq ft warehouse into 17 laboratories and two floors of office space is almost at completion and will support a range of sciences from synthetic biology to quantum technologies. The building  also houses 24 [...]

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Unit DX to sponsor Bio-start competition for synthetic biology start-ups.

SynbiCITE and Rainbow Seed Fund have announced new sponsors and prizes for the Bio-start competition, designed to commercialise the engineering of biology. The addition of new sponsors increases the number of prizes available to competitors including the free use of laboratory space around the UK. Steve Chambers, CEO of SynbiCITE, explained: “We’ve had Bio-start applications [...]

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