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The Instrument Link

Unit DX tenants have access to world-class instrumentation through our service agreements with the University of Bristol and the University of Bath.  This allows our customers access to routine analytical services and hard-to-find equipment, on short timescales.

For more information please call us on

0117 403 4035.

On-Site Instrumentation

Unit DX has a two shared facilities rooms, which are host to a suite of instrumentation and equipment.

The list of instrumentation is always increasing in size, so please do get in contact if you have any specific requirements.

  • JEOL 400MHz NMR

  • Autoclaves, -80° freezers & centrifuges

  • Cryogenic freezer, incubating oven

  • 3D printers, 4-axis CNC

  • Test and Measurement Bench

  • Ice machine, deionised water, liquid nitrogen