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  • Unit DX Lab
  • Unit DX Labs

Designed by Scientists, for Scientists

Designed to offer space for a wide variety of physical and life sciences, Unit DX has 10,000 sq ft of laboratory space, all specified to biosafety level 2. The building also houses 24 ducted fume cupboards.

Capable of housing over 100 scientists, the facility utilises specialist ventilation systems to ensure appropriate air changes per hour and a comfortable working environment, as well as central stores and nitrogen gas.

Custom lab benching and storage space allow future installation of clean rooms and large equipment.

Unit DX Laboratory Icons

For Further Information

Phone: 0117 403 4035


Address:  Unit DX, St. Philips Central, Albert Road, Bristol , BS2 0XJ

Download Tenancy Options and Spec
  • Full and part fit out – to suit your specific requirements and timescales

  • Nitrogen – gas on tap with liquid also available on site

  • Category 2 – all laboratories built to biosafety level 2

  • Autoclave – sterilisation facilities
  • Central storage – with delivery area

  • Secure facilities – key card entry, CCTV and night security

  • Shared and individual lab spaces – to suit your business requirements and budget

  • Instrument link – access instrumentation at the Universities of Bristol and Bath