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Teledyne ISCO Instrumentation

Teledyne ISCO Partnership

Unit DX is partnered with Teledyne ISCO, a leading US equipment manufacturer which has recently started to supply direct to the UK market. Teledyne ISCO products are used across multiple sectors including pharmaceutical, academia, oil exploration and reactant feed.​

Teledyne Equipment at Unit DX

The shared laboratory facilities at Unit DX house a selection of Teledyne ISCO instrumentation, which is made available for Unit DX Members to use.

This list will change from time to time, so please check back to find out what equipment we have available on site.

ACCQPrep® HP125 Preparative liquid chromatography system

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use

  • PeakTrak® software eliminates the requirement for a standalone PC

  • Compact footprint with integrated touch screen interface

  • Active solvent and waste level monitoring reduces the risk of solvent spills

  • RFID tagged flash columns for quick set-up and run history

  • Compatible with Teledyne ISCO Automation Modules and other detection systems

Standard Features

  • Flow rates from 1 to 125 mL/min allow development of Prep methods directly on the system without the need for pump head changes

  • Operating pressure up to 6000 psi

  • Choice of UV or UV-Vis plus ELSD and MS options

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Automation Modules

The ACCQPrep HP125 at Unit DX is also coupled with the AutoSampler Module, which can be used if you have several different samples to purify which may require multiple injections and different chromatographic conditions. This allows samples to be queued for hours of unattended operation.

The standalone AutoInjector Module also allows for multiple injections of the same sample. The Column Selector allows up to four columns on the ACCQPrep to be set-up for different run conditions.

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