Unit DX Coronavirus precautions for members, staff and visitors

This post was updated on the 31st of March 2020. Please check back for any changes to our policy.

As per the Government’s instruction, we are asking that all our members work from home where possible, only go to Unit DX if absolutely necessary and practice high levels of hygiene if they are in the building. Some of our members are working in fields that will support the national effort in the fight against Covid-19, and we want to avoid full closure of the building to allow them to continue their important work.

Things are changing rapidly, and we will be updating our guidance when we receive additional instruction from the Government. Updates will be provided via this page and via email directly to our members.

What we are doing

  • We are asking that our members follow the government instructions, which mean they should not be coming to the building unless absolutely necessary.
  • We are minimising staff presence on-site to avoid unnecessary people in the building.
  • We are monitoring the situation: we may need to close the building entirely at any point.
  • There will be no one on reception.
  • Hand sanitiser is available around the building.

What you can do

  • We strongly recommend that our members work remotely where possible.
  • Seriously consider preparations still needed to ensure business continuity or minimise the impact if we need to close the doors completely.
  • Avoid unnecessary guests and visitors to the building.
  • Keep up regular handwashing (at least 20 seconds and every time you get home / get to work).
  • Keep up high levels of hygiene as recommended by the WHO and NHS.
  • Practice social distancing and don’t shake hands.


Visitors are strongly discouraged at this time; we advise you to take the advice of social distancing seriously. If members have a visitor arrive at Unit DX there will be nobody available to sign them in; members will need to make arrangements with guests for this. Visitors should be accompanied at all times.

Why are we doing this?

We want to reduce the risk to Unit DX members and the wider community. Our assessment is that co-working spaces present a reasonably foreseeable risk, so by minimising personnel in the building, we lessen the residual risk for those who cannot work remotely. Our goal is to keep Unit DX open for as long as is reasonably possible so and minimise disruption to our member businesses while taking sensible measures to protect the health of all of the community.

This action is one step short of full closure of the building and is a measure that will have an impact on the service provided by the Unit DX team, for which I apologise.

We want to apologise for the disruption that these measures will cause. However, these are not normal times, and we cannot just carry on business as usual. I thank you for your understanding.

Dr Ashley Brewer, Centre Director at Unit DX.

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